Mobile Net Switch – Support Contact

If you have a technical question regarding the use of Mobile Net Switch first read the Manual and the FAQ.

Installation or Upgrade questions

or questions regarding installation or upgrading, please see our FAQ's

Seeing is Believing

If you would like to know if something is supported or if Mobile Net Switch will work on your system/network, find out now by downloading the fully functional unlimited (none expiring) version at our download site. It's easy to install (takes 5 seconds) and also easy to remove (5 seconds).

License questions

If you currently have a Mobile Net Switch license (or volume license), it includes free upgrades to all new versions.

Your license is immediately send after you have placed your order. If you have not received your license, please check your junk/spam folder. Else, please contact us using the contact email address below.


Please enter your questions, suggestions or remarks below. Please only contact us for questions that are directly related to Mobile Net Switch.

General questions regarding network or system configuration can unfortunately not be answered (your support or IT department are the persons to contact, as they have the required insight into your specific situation).

Update to the latest version

Please ensure you are using the latest version of Mobile Net Switch.
In Mobile Net Switch; go to 'Help' -> 'Check for Updates' and follow the instructions.

Contact Us

If your question still isn't answered, please send an email to our support team. and we will contact you as soon as possible.